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A Faithful Church: Loves God’s Word

As we continue through our series Faithful Church, we come to a second aspect of a faithful church. A faithful church loves God’s Word because we love God. We spent some time in Psalm 119 unpacking this idea further. While we focused on verses 89-104 I would STRONGLY encourage you to read the entire Psalm!


From this text, we saw three important aspects with respect to God’s Word and our choice to love God’s Word.


  1. God’s Word is Firmly Fixed: v.89-91

We see in the first few verses that God’s Word is firmly fixed. In fact, we see that God’s Word is fixed forever! This is significant because it means that we can have confidence in God’s Word because it hasn’t changed, nor will it change! It’s fixed forever. Not only does it give us confidence, but the text points to the fact that God’s Word is His faithfulness to all generations. The same truths, hopes and promises that God gives to those in the Scriptures are made available to all of God’s children.


  1. God’s Word Preserves His People: v.92-96

In this next section, you see the Psalmist emphasize God’s Word as a means of preservation for His people. God’s word protects, watches over and shields His people. You may ask, ‘how does God’s Word preserve His people?’ God’s Word answers this question in 2 Tim 3-4. It’s here that we see that God’s Word makes us wise for salvation, it leads us through life, it equips us for ministry and it protects us from false teaching. It’s clear that God’s Word preserves His people.


  1. God’s Word Fosters a Love of God: v.97-104

Finally, we see that God’s Word fosters a love for the person of God. While some have accused the author of worshipping the Word instead of God Himself, it’s clear that the Word is a means by which we learn to love and worship God more fully and completely. It’s difficult to read these verses and not get a sense of excitement and celebration that leads us not simply or solely to a love of the Word, but to a love of God Himself!


Loved one, I’d ask you to consider all that God’s Word does. I’d ask you to consider for a moment all that God’s word is capable of accomplishing and producing in our lives. Then I’d ask you to consider what place God’s Word has in your life? Is it seen as the very Word of God to you? Is it authoritative? Are you yielded to all that God says? Is it a source of life because it’s Author is the source of all life? Or is God’s Word just another book to you.


A faithful church loves God’s Word because we love God! Do we love God’s Word? Do you?



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