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Advent: The Savior Promised

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have truly messed up? Not just a little slip up or minor issue, I’m talking about totally ruining and destroying what you once had. If you have, then you can at least begin to have a slight sense of where Adam and Eve found themselves in Genesis 3. Once living in perfect harmony with God, each other and creation, in a moment all was shattered forever. But what is so telling about this incident is God’s response to their sin and their need for a Savior. Before God ever spoke of the wrath for sin, He promised a Savior to deliver His people from their sin. There’s a progression that moves to this conclusion that we unpacked this past Sunday.


  1. The Necessity of a Savior: v.1-7

What quickly unfolds in this account is sin entering into the world and wreaking havoc on all. Adam and Eve become aware of their nakedness, and are forced to come to grips with who they are now. The realization of their sin has completely changed their outlook. They are aware that the world is not as it is supposed to be, and are quickly coming to the conclusion that they can’t remedy this. They are confronted with the reality that they need a Savior; which is exactly where God is going to move them.


  1. The Confrontation of a Savior: v.8-13

In the next part of the story, God comes and engages with Adam and Eve. There’s a marked contrast between the ways that Adam and Eve handle their sin and how God handles their sin. Adam and Eve reveal to us many of our tendencies when we too find ourselves in sin. They’re afraid, they understand their nakedness (or their status before God), they hide themselves, and they even go so far as to blame others and God for their sin. This stands in stark contrast to God’s response.

God is seen as doing two significant things in the text. One, God pursues Adam and Eve. While they are hiding in the Garden, God is coming to them and calling out to them. In that same way, even in our sin, God pursues us. But not only does God pursue them, but He also lovingly confronts their sin. This is what a loving Father will do, is confront sin. If you find God confronting sin or exposing sin in your life, thank God for that! It’s a manifestation and demonstration of His love for you!


  1. The Promise of a Savior: v.14-15

The realization that they need a Savior, coupled with the confrontation of the Savior leads to this beautiful moment. God, when pronouncing judgment upon the serpent, is also making clear to Adam and Eve that He is going to restore this situation. In Genesis 3:15, we have what is called the proto-evangelium. It’s the first reference in the Scriptures of God’s rescue for His people and a promise to send a Savior. The amazing thing is Genesis 3:15 is initially fulfilled in a manger in Bethlehem and ultimately culminated at an empty tomb near Calvary! God has made good on His promise, and this is something that we should celebrate!


  1. The Covering of a Savior: v.21-24

The final aspect seen in Genesis 3 is God’s incredibly kind act of clothing Adam and Eve. Here we see the first hints of atonement as God has sacrificed an animal to cover them. Originally, God clothed His children with animal skins, but will eventually clothe His children with His righteousness. This is a beautiful and profound truth that finds its roots in the Genesis account.


Adam and Eve found themselves in an incredible predicament, one whereby God made it clear that He was going to solve this situation by sending a Savior to rescue His people. As you move towards Christmas, do so with God’s incredible promise to send a Savior to rescue you, at the forefront of your mind.


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