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Advent: The Savior Returning

Our short series on Advent served as an important and wonderful way to walk through the various aspects of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

In The Savior Promised – Before God ever spoke of the wrath for sin, He promised a Savior to deliver His people from their sin.

In The Savior’s Purpose – Jesus comes as the Savior to purify His people and to judge sin.

In Our Hope in the Savior- We were encouraged to put our hope in a Savior that is present, powerful, and victorious over sin and death.

In The Savior Returning – we were reminded that whether awake or asleep, the certainty of the Savior’s return gives hope to those who are waiting for Him.

The Savior’s return is an important aspect of the Gospel and is a dominant theme in the New Testament. It can be a tremendous source of hope, encouragement, and comfort for the people of God. This week’s message from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 focused on three aspects of the Savior’s return: the certainty, the manner, and the blessing of his return. The apostle Paul’s purpose was to inform, comfort, and encourage this young church plant in their afflictions and in their bereavement over those who had “fallen asleep” in Christ. It was not Paul’s intention to provide a comprehensive systematic theology of the End Times in this passage. Therefore, it was not my intention to do so either.

As we begin the New Year, it is my hope that as the body of Christ, we experience a renewed hope in the Lord Jesus and that we live in faithful expectation of His return.

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