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Called Out: Exodus Remix



This past Sunday, we took a day to review the entirety of the book of Exodus. We focused our attention around some of the major themes that emerge throughout the book and how they connect to our lives today. All of this is centered around the idea that God calls us out of sin and bondage and into relationship with Him. It’s important to remember that the God of Exodus is the same God who is at work in our lives today. Therefore, these truths that we see here bear significant application in our lives.


  1. God is a Promise Keeping God:

God makes multiple promises to His people. God fulfills all of His promises. Some are fulfilled quickly, others over a long stretch of time. But God always keeps His promise! That is true for us today as well. I think it’s easy for us to believe this in our head, but I wonder if we believe this in our heart? If we did, it would change how live.


  1. God is Present Amongst His People:

This is a driving theme through the book. God is seeking to be present among His people. This is what God seeks to remedy when sin fractured the relationship between God and man. The connection for us today is realizing that God is always with us. You’re never alone! God is always with us!


  1. God is Powerful Over All Things:

Exodus chronicles God’s power in multiple ways. The plagues, Red Sea, and manna every day are a sampling of God’s power. God’s power is the evidence that God is in control of all things; including your life. But don’t miss the fact that while God is in control, He doesn’t shield His people from the effects of the fall. Don’t confuse the effects of the fall in your life with the idea that God isn’t in control.


  1. God Delivers His People:

The deliverance in Exodus screams of gospel foreshadowing of what God will do through Jesus. God delivers the Israelites from slavery into relationship in the same way that God delivers us from the slavery of our sin unto relationship with Him. God has delivered us from so much! From our pasts, the grip of sin, our failure and ultimately from God’s wrath.


  1. We Worship God Alone:

In response to this, we see a couple of ways in which we are to respond. We are to respond with worship of God, and to God alone! We can worship God in a host of ways. 1 Chronicles 16 lays out a number of ways in which God can be worshipped. The people give thanks, sing praises, remember God’s work and ascribe glory to the Lord. In this same way, we too should worship God alone.


  1. We Live on Mission:

Finally, we see the missional component that God has for His people. The people of God are called to live in a particular way for a particular purpose. God calls us to give and labor for His work. We are to seek to do this in a way where we’re not looking solely for what’s in it for us, but how we can serve, share and give to others.


Next week, we will do a stand alone message where we engage the issue of suffering and our response to it. Like this past week, we will leave time at the back end of the message where we answer texted in questions with respect to the subject. Looking forward to worshipping with you this Sunday.



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