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Called Out: From Rebellion to Obedience

From The Desk of Brian LeVie:

The idea of a covenant in our society today, may seem a bit strange and outdated. Even when the term is used in a modern context, a covenant is thought of as a type of legal contract, rather than a deeply personal and binding relationship between parties. This understanding, along with all the technological advantages of our modern world that separate us from the ancient world, makes it difficult to fully grasp and appreciate God’s covenant faithfulness. This is why the book of Exodus is so important to understanding the nature of the relationship between God and those He calls to Himself as His people.

God’s Covenant Faithfulness – Even with the limited examples that were provided, it was obvious that God’s covenant faithfulness is an important theme in the book of Exodus. It is critical for understanding the nature of the relationship between a faithful God and a rebellious people. I hope the very brief survey of Old Testament texts was helpful in showing how the Old Testament anticipated the new covenant that is realized in the person and work of Christ. The New Testament clearly believes this is the case!

The People’s Response – When Moses repeated those Sabbath regulations at the beginning of Chapter 35, the people learned something about God’s covenant faithfulness and responded by turning their hearts toward Him. Their hearts were moved to respond in generosity toward God, in their service to God, and by their willing obedience to all He commanded.

Our Response – How much more should we respond as the people of God who have entered into the New Covenant by the blood of Christ – the mediator of the new and better covenant enacted on those better promises that Moses, and the Prophets, and the Psalms spoke about.

Some questions for discussion in your discipleship groups:

  1. What is the function of a biblical sign? How does this relate to Sabbath observance for New Covenant Believers? (Helps to review Colossians 2, Hebrews 4, and Romans 14)
  2. What is the relationship between the proclamation of the Gospel and the New Covenant in Christ?
  3. What are some practical ways that I can be generous towards God, serve God, and willingly obey Him?


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