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Called Out: God’s Preparation of His People


This past Sunday, we came to a pivotal moment in the book of Exodus. In chapter 18, the focus moves away from Israel’s time in Egypt and begins to look ahead to a regular rhythm and pattern that God brings into the people’s lives, centered around worshipping and serving Him. We see the emphasis of the text being: God works through salvation and His rule to prepare us to serve and worship Him.


  1. God’s Work in Saving His People: v.1-12

The text begins with a family reunion of sorts. Moses is reunited with his wife, children and father-in-law. He recounts for Jethro (his father-in-law) all the ways that God has saved Israel. He speaks of God’s deliverance from Pharaoh, Egypt, and even the hardship of the wilderness. This leads Jethro to assert that God is supreme over all other gods. What is unmistakable in the narrative, is the saving work of God among His people. That same truth plays out in our life as well. Just as He was then, God is at work today in saving His people.


  1. God’s Power to Rule Over His People: v.13-17

What is important to see in the second half of Exodus 18, is that Moses is not being encouraged to delegate. We can slip into thinking this is the emphasis of the text, but it’s not. What God is doing here is establishing a system of rule and order. What we cannot miss is that God is the ultimate judge. He is the one that rules over His people. While Moses sits and hears cases, what he continues to appeal to is God, God’s statutes and bringing cases to God. In the same way that God ruled over the Israelites, He rules over us today. Will you come under His rule? Will you live in submitted obedience?


  1. Understanding Our Inadequacy and God’s Sufficiency: v.17-23

In tying this together it’s important to make note of the fact, that what is repeatedly in front of Moses is his inadequacy. God rescued the people. Moses was going to be worn out. He needed help bearing the burden. In short, he couldn’t do what needed to be done. And the same is true of us. My encouragement is that you would lean into your inadequacy. Lean into the fact that you’re not enough, that you’re broken because of sin, that you aren’t all powerful and you’re certainly not in control. But as you lean into those truths, lean into the equally important truths that while you’re not enough, Jesus is more than enough. While you are broken by sin, Jesus heals and restores through the power of the Gospel. While you lack power and aren’t in control, lean into the fact that Jesus holds all power and is in full control of all things!




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