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Called Out: Missional Living

We’ve all been there. Whether we’re asking the question or attempting to answer it, we’ve all heard the question, “what is God’s will for my life?” Usually what we have in mind is a lot of specifics that we want answered; but in a broader sense, it’s not that difficult: Missional living is God’s people embracing the call to give and work for God’s glory. I know that doesn’t answer the specific question you may have, but it does frame God’s will for our lives.


In wrapping up the book of Exodus, we come across four important aspects around missional living.


  1. We Embrace God’s Personal Call on His People: 35:30-36:1

As the people get to work constructing the tabernacle, here we see God’s call that He puts upon His people. We see first that God’s call is a personal one. We see that God’s call is an equipping call. He gives us what we need in order to do what He calls us to do. Thirdly, we see that God’s call puts us to work. Missional living begins when we embrace God’s call for us.


  1. We Give Generously to God’s Work: 36:2-7

What we see next is the people giving generously to God’s work. This actually started back in chapter 35, but here the people are responding to that request. And do they ever respond! So much so, that Moses has to tell the people to quit giving to God’s work! As we look at this, we see that we too should be generous givers. We should give regularly and we should give in a variety of ways. Not only did the people give financially, but also through their work and service. It is important to note, that what the people are giving, is what God has first given to them. The same is true for us today. We give out of all that God has given to us. Often times people get nervous when you talk about money in church. Yet I would simply put these two questions in front of us: When it comes to giving what would cause my heart to fight against giving generously? As you think about that, consider if that’s a legitimate reason to not give. Second, when it comes to giving, what would prevent me from giving regularly to God?


  1. We Labor Diligently in God’s Work: 36:8-40:33

In this broad section of text, the people are constructing the tabernacle. They are taking what God has told them to do and putting it all together. What is clear in this text is how the people are being obedient to the task that God has given them. They are laboring diligently in the work that God has given to them. Is that true for you? Are you laboring diligently in the work that God has given to you? While we don’t construct tabernacles, we are tasked with making disciples and sharing the gospel. Are we seeking to work for God in this manner?


  1. We Remain in God’s Presence: 40:34-38

The book concludes with God dwelling with the people, and His glory on display. Much like the people, we would do well to pursue the presence of God. If God moves, we should move. If God stays, we would do well to stay. Will you choose to remain in God’s presence? Will you choose to wait if God seems to be staying? Will you persevere if God is moving sooner than you would like?


This is God’s will for our life. That we live missionally for Him and with Him.



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