Called Out: Our Story

This past Sunday, we began a journey in the book of Exodus that we will spend the next number of months walking through. Instead of preaching the first portion of text, we did a flyover of the book of Exodus highlighting major themes in the book and giving us an initial structure and framework by which we should understand what is happening. Below are 6 major themes that emerge through the book of Exodus. They aren’t the only themes, but they are some of the most prominent ones, and they are what we will see repeatedly as we move through the book.


  1. God Keeps His Promises

What drives repeatedly throughout the book of Exodus is God keeping His promises. Understanding some of the promises that God makes from Genesis, are crucial to have in view. But what can’t be argued is that God keeps His promises. As we consider that truth, it begs the question of how our lives might be different if we truly believed that God keeps His promises? What might be different in my marriage, parenting, work or ministry if I truly believed that God keeps His promises?


  1. God is Present

This theme is rooted in the Garden, it crescendos in Revelation when God dwells with us and it is what God is working out throughout history. This is what God is seeking to remedy when sin alienated us from God. God is a God who is present, near and engaged. You and I walk through nothing alone! God is present, and we will see this as the driving force behind so much of what happens in Exodus.


  1. God is Powerful

Even a cursory glance at the book of Exodus demands that we consider the power of God. From the burning bush, to the plagues, the pillar of fire and cloud that leads the people and the parting of the Red Sea, God’s power is unquestioned in Exodus. This same power is displayed in the ministry and life of Jesus. God help us as we move through Exodus to be reminded and awed again by God’s great power.


  1. God Delivers His People

Arguably, the predominant theme of Exodus is that we realize that God delivers His people. Our tagline for the series is, ‘God calls us out of sin and bondage and into relationship with Him.’ God rescues and delivers His people, but He does so for a purpose; to be drawn into relationship with Him.


  1. We Worship God

In response to these major themes we see from God, it elicits, or at least it should, a few responses from us. The first is our worship of God. The whole point of the Exodus was drawing the people out so they could worship God. We shouldn’t be surprised that we see it as a major theme, not only of Exodus, but of the Bible as a whole.


  1. We Live on Mission for God

Finally, we see the theme of mission in Exodus. Some have referred to Exodus as a missionary handbook. But what is critical to understand about Exodus, is that God’s work and display of power and glory were not only for the Israelites, but for all the nations. God’s heart has always been for the nations, and that reality is seen in Exodus.


As we move through this book, let’s be gripped by God’s incredible work. Let’s realize that we are called out to be drawn in. Let’s embrace the work of God by responding with worship and mission in service to God.