Called Out: Preparing The Way

The book of Exodus is a book of movement. There’s physical movement as well as spiritual movement. As we are introduced to Moses, we see both of those components at work in the text. But primarily, we see that God is at work preparing and securing salvation for His people. God is at work in preparing the way. We see this manifested in a few different ways in Exodus 2.


  1. God is Working Out His Plan: v.1-10

In a horrific and appalling time in history where the Egyptians have been commanded to take male Hebrew babies and throw them in the river, we see that God is working out His plan. In the midst of this horrific decree, Moses is not only spared, but brought into Pharaoh’s home. In this, we see that God is protecting His people. But not solely or strictly in the physical sense; but in a spiritual sense. He keeps the Jewish people from being acculturated into Egyptian society and failing to embrace their divine call. God uses persecution to protect His people. Yes, you read that right. Read it again. We tend to think of protection in physical terms, and yet here we see it’s spiritual manifestation in the face of physical harm. It’s possible that you are angry with God because He hasn’t spared or kept you from physical pain, sickness or maybe even death. Yet is it possible that God is using that in your life to protect you from walking away from or becoming apathetic towards God and His plan for you.


  1. The Futility of Saving Ourselves: v.11-15

The text then moves to Moses’ adult life, and his attempt to take things into his own hands. While his intentions of bringing justice are good, his actions are problematic. He murders a man who is oppressing a Hebrew. Not exactly a true liberator. But what can’t be missed here is that Moses chooses to forego the power, influence, prestige and wealth of Egypt in order to suffer with his people in order to bring them salvation. This is the same thing that Jesus will do centuries later in identifying with His people in bringing salvation to them in their suffering. It is only in Christ that we can be saved, and any time we attempt to take things into our hands, things go sideways.


  1. The Preparation of God’s Servant: v.16-22

Moses flees into the wilderness, where he will spend the next 40 years. As a side note, God loves to meet with people in the wilderness. If you find yourself in a desert, don’t run away from that, but lean into the reality that God will meet with you there in ways unlike any other. As Moses lives in the desert, God uses his location, his family and his work to prepare him for a work that he will eventually do. But don’t miss this, Moses is 80 before he heads back to Egypt. Loved one, don’t try to accelerate what God wants you to steep in. God is preparing you, but rarely does God do it quickly.


  1. Waiting on God to Save: v.23-25

The story moves back to the Jews in Egypt; as they continue to suffer. We’re told that God does four things in response to their crying out. God hears. Don’t ever forget that God hears you…ALWAYS! Second, God remembered. This is covenant language. It’s a reference to God recalling His promise with His people. He hasn’t forgotten you. Next, God saw. Nothing escapes God’s view. No injustice or mistreatment slips past Him, and you can know that is true for you as well. Finally, we’re told that God knew. It’s a relational knowing, not simply an intellectual one. In short, God knows His people personally and relationally. Maybe God has you waiting for something in your life. If He does, let the truths of Exodus 2 encourage you as you wait: God hears, remembers, sees and knows.