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Called Out: The Song of Moses

From the Desk of Eric Anderson

Exodus 15 – The Song of Moses

After hearing about the epic events of Exodus chapter 14 (the parting of the Red Sea and the destruction of Pharaoh’s army), we paused in the narrative to reflect on these events in Exodus Chapter 15 – The Song of Moses.

The very presence of this song in Exodus should help us understand that God would have us offer Him praise and worship for the incredible deeds He has done on our behalf. And it marks out a key principle of the Song of Moses – God Spectacularly Saved His People, to the Glory of His Name! We are the happy beneficiaries of His marvelous salvation; but God’s deliverance of His people is ultimately for His Glory.

We looked at a “process of praise” – understanding the steps we need to take in order to truly worship God.

  1. Recognize and Reflect on the Remarkable. Said another way, we need to acknowledge the miraculous in our lives.
  2. Give God Credit. It’s a shame when people experience God’s miraculous blessings, but believe somehow the universe or some sort of impersonal karma or “force” is at work.
  3. Give God Glory. May we not be like those who recognize the hand of God but fail to respond to Him in worship!

The Song of Moses, itself, also helps us recognize that our future is secure because of the Glory of God in the past and present. Many of the verses point Israel to the fact that since God was faithful to deliver them from Egypt, He will also deliver them into the Promised Land. And we should take courage in the fact that the work Jesus accomplished on the cross secures for us an eternal and incredible future with God. It’s very true that Israel was still in the desert when they were delivered out of Egypt, and we may very much feel that we are in the desert as well. God’s Glory revealed today should give us hope for tomorrow.

And finally, we noted from the book of Jude; that it was Jesus, Himself, who delivered the people out of Egypt. And the beautiful Song of Moses will be sung alongside the Song of the Lamb in the last days – giving praise to the Lord and reminding us that His miraculous deliverance goes far beyond freeing His people out of Egypt. The death and resurrection of Christ offers us deliverance from our own sin and from the deathly results of sin.

May our lives be filled with worship to God – the only reasonable response to the events of the Exodus! And may our view of the future be filled with hope, because He has secured our future and His glory forever!

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