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Called Out: Time to Go

This past Sunday, we took a look at Exodus 4. It’s there that God answers all of Moses’ objections and sends him back to Egypt. In the midst of this conversation and subsequent return, we see the main idea of the text pointing us towards this truth: God desires that we obey Him, rooted in a faith of Him.


  1. God Answers All Objections: v.1-17

As the conversation continues, Moses brings up three objections to going back to Egypt. All of his objections center around himself, and he fails to see God’s hand or work in the midst of this. In short, Moses asserts that he is not believable, he’s not capable and that he’s not willing. To each of these objections God responds in various ways.

To the objection of Moses not being believable, God gives Moses signs that he will take with him to Egypt. In one sense, God is agreeing with Moses that he is not believable, but in giving him the signs, it is suggesting that God is more than believable.

To the objection of Moses not being capable, God declares that He is the one makes the mouth, and people deaf or mute. In short, God is saying the focus isn’t on the messenger but on the message.

To the objection of Moses not being willing, God responds in anger, but also demonstrates grace in telling Moses that He will send Aaron to help Moses.

For many of us, we have various objections to what God has for our lives. Many of our objections reveal either a lack of trust in God, or a self-serving pursuit that must be put aside if we are to do what God has for us. As you consider what God has for you, are you putting forth objections in responding in obedience? Are you looking to yourself instead of looking to the Lord? Are you failing to trust God in some aspect of your life?


  1. God Sends Moses Back: v.18-31

The second half of the chapter is comprised of four short episodes that are summaries that move Moses from Midian back into Egypt. We see Moses respond in obedience and go. We see God’s heart to rescue His children in the foreshadowing of Passover. We see an odd encounter in verses 24-26 that highlight the significance and the depth of the covenant that we share with God. Finally, we see the people of Israel believing Moses and collectively worshiping the Lord. They believed, because they had heard God’s Word. God help us that we would believe and worship as we hear God’s Word.


Join us this Sunday, as we celebrate our Missions Sunday. We will have a number of our missionaries with us, sharing with us all that has gone on in the past year. We will have a potluck after the service and invite everyone to join us for that as well.

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