Called Out: When God Speaks

This past Sunday, we climbed a mountain peak in the Scriptures. In Exodus 3, God shows up in a mysterious way, and makes Himself known in powerful ways. Throughout His exchange with Moses, God gives us insight into His character and the work that He will do. Simply put, God is announcing who He is and what He will do. Below are 9 points that we made from the Scriptures about God.


  1. God Reveals Himself: v.1-6

God makes Himself known to Moses. It’s important to note that Moses was not seeking out the Lord. Moses didn’t find God, God found Moses. God was pursuing Moses in the same way that He pursues us. God reveals Himself; because in His loving kindness He wants His people to know Him.


  1. God Delivers His People: v.7-9

This is what God does, He delivers His people. Israel’s slavery in Egypt is a depiction of our slavery to sin. It’s not that we were actually enslaved to Egyptians, but we can resonate with Israel because we understand their plight in our slavery to sin. Our only hope was for God to rescue, which is exactly what He did in Christ.


  1. God Commissions Us to Serve: v.10-11

God now tells Moses that he will be the agent that God will use to accomplish this purpose. This is one of the great paradoxes of God’s grace; He uses sinful people to carry out His saving purposes. God has not abandoned Moses for his past failure, instead He launches him into ministry. What a great reminder for those of us who feel that we may be disqualified because of our past failure or sin.


  1. God is Present: v.12

Moses asks God the question, “who am I?” to which God responds, ‘I will be with you.’ The prominent aspect of Moses going back, isn’t in his gifts or talents, it’s in God’s presence and going with Moses.


  1. God Defines Himself: v.13-15

When Moses asks for God’s name, God responds by saying, “I Am who I Am.” In short, God defines Himself. In a society that is quick to try and redefine God, the Scriptures make clear that we have no right or option to tell God who He is. He defines Himself, and we are left with the choice to follow or reject Him.


  1. God Directs for Himself: v.16-22

God now tells Moses to go. He didn’t ask Moses or see if Moses was up for the task. He did this because He’s God and He is in control. He directs for Himself. This same truth is seen in our lives. God calls us to live a certain way. It’s not open for debate, but a mandate from God. Will you be obedient to God’s direction in your life?


  1. God Keeps His Promises: v.17

Here we see God’s promise to the people to free them from slavery. While the specific promise is not applicable to us, the concept is; our God is a promise keeping God! Every promise of God that is applicable to you and I; we can know with confidence and certainty that God will keep His promises!


  1. God Controls the Future: v.18-22

With precision God details what will unfold in the coming pages of Exodus; because God not only knows the future, but controls it. I would ask, how differently would you live your life if you truly believed this? Seriously?! If we really believed that God was good and controlled every aspect of the future, how much confidence would flood into our hearts with respect to the events of our lives?


  1. God Provides for His People: v.21-22

Finally, we see that God makes provision for His people. He doesn’t promise lavish or luxury, but He does make provision. The question isn’t whether or not it’s happened, it has. The question is can you identify it and are you thankful for it?