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Celebrating Life


I hope that this week has been a week that you find yourself celebrating life! This past Sunday, we took the day to look specifically at life, the incredible gift that God gives to us, and that it should be celebrated. We saw, in celebrating life, we celebrate the Author of life who redeems His people from the depths of their sin. We looked at two texts that helped to frame the Biblical view of how we are to understand and think about life.


  1. Humanity’s Distinction in Creation: Genesis 1:26-27

In creation, God makes clear that there is a distinction between humanity and the rest of creation. Humanity bears the image and likeness of God. There are multiple implications of this truth that impact how we are to view life, and those that we share life with. We see that we are distinct in creation; unlike any other created being. Second, we function as God’s representatives to creation. Third, we glorify God by making His character known. There is nothing else in creation that can lay claim to the fact that they bear the image of God besides humanity.


  1. Humanity’s Value Before God: Psalm 8:1-9

This is a beautiful Psalm that tells us a lot about ourselves, and the value that God places upon humanity. It’s important to note the distinction between value and valuable. Value finds its worth in belonging to someone. Valuable finds its worth in what it does. This is important because many people have exhausted their life trying to find worth in what they do, when it can only be found in belonging to the Lord. In Psalm 8, we see that God places incredible value upon humanity.


  1. Putting this Together:

Given what we’ve seen, it’s fair for us to ask, what do we do with this? Here are three tangible expressions of these Biblical truths that we can begin to live out in our lives.

We live with the conviction that there’s dignity in every human life: Because of this, we will stand up for anything that stands in opposition to life. Whether it be abortion, racism, exploitation, objectification or abuse of any kind, we refuse to tolerate that because it’s an assault on the image of God in that individual.

We believe that humanity is more sacred than the rest of creation: We must understand the priority in the order of creation. Any person is more important than every animal. This does not mean that we diminish care for the rest of creation, but we understand there’s a priority, and humanity is tops.

We seek protection and advocacy for all human life: Simply put, who will speak up for those that have no voice? The unborn, that girl enslaved in sex-trafficking, orphans, widows…who will protect and advocate for them! We must recapture our prophetic voice and speak out for those that do not have the voice or the platform that we have.


The difficulty with a message like this is, it can feel overwhelming. Where would I even begin? There’s so much that should be done and I can’t possibly do it all. But that doesn’t mean that we have an excuse to do nothing. My encouragement to you is to do something. Not everything, just something. That may be praying about adoption or foster care. It may mean supporting someone else who is pursuing that. It may mean getting training and serving at a pregnancy center. It may mean advocating for political and legal change. Do something!


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