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Establishing God’s Kingdom: The God Who Delivers

If you have ever been involved in any type of rescue, you’re aware that while you may be able to help in certain situations, we all have limitations. None of us is truly capable of rescuing ourselves or others from the most pressing needs and issues in their life. But God is the true King who delivers His people from death unto life.


As we walked through the story of Daniel 6, we saw many profound and intriguing facets to this well-known story. From Daniel functioning as a type of Christ in his conduct to his deep faith and trust in God to pray even though it had been outlawed, Daniel gives us a strong model of faithful living.


Given this, we drew a few observations of this account in totality.


  1. God Delivers the Righteous from Punishment and Death:

There is a clear connection between righteousness and deliverance in the story. However, if we are to consider this account through the lens of the gospel, we know that in and of ourselves, we aren’t righteous. You may find yourself asking, if God only delivers the righteous, but we aren’t righteous, how can anyone be delivered? This is what points us squarely to the gospel. We look to Jesus to deliver us and as Paul tells us in Romans 4, that our faith is “counted to us as righteousness,” which is part of our salvation.


  1. God Punishes the Wicked unto Death:

The inverse of God’s deliverance is God’s punishment. We see that the wicked face the punishment of death. In truth, this is what all of us deserve, and by God’s grace, it’s not what all of us will experience. We see in this that God exposes sin, that God will deal with sin, and that our sin affects others.


  1. God Calls us to Persevere Throughout Life:

This call to persevere isn’t explicit throughout the story, but when you examine verse 10 and realize that Daniel continued to do what he had always done, we see his perseverance. What we must remember is that most of Daniel’s life played out in ordinary, mundane faithfulness. He persevered in faith and trust. You and I do the same when we choose to be faithful today.


  1. God is the Only King who Can Deliver:

The final aspect we see is that God, and God alone can deliver. Darius makes this clear in his closing statement. Even he was incapable of delivering Daniel, ironically enough, from himself. It’s crucial for us to remember that God is our deliverer.


We closed our time together by considering and reflecting upon a few questions. I’ve included them below:

  1. In what ways might God be calling me to live in faith and trust?
  2. In what areas of my life do I need to trust and embrace God’s deliverance rescue?
  3. Are there areas where God is calling me to persevere?
  4. Is there any aspect of my life where I’m trusting in myself or someone besides Jesus to deliver or rescue me?



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