God at Work: Unrewarded Loyalty

As we continue through our sermon series in the book of Esther, we saw the story escalate as Haman laid out the plan to destroy the Jews.  Not only did we see the story escalate, but we saw aspects in the story that speak into our lives.  The main idea of the text was: God will honor faithfulness in His time and in His way.

1. Mordecai’s Unrewarded Loyalty: 2:19-23 The story continues as Mordecai learns of a plot to harm the king.  He warns Esther of the plot and the crises is averted as the king deals with the traitorous guards.  But what is very surprising in the story is while Mordecai is recognized as being the one to stop this rebellion, he is not acknowledged and certainly not rewarded.  This is a great reminder for us as many of God’s rewards are not given immediately, and won’t even be given in this lifetime.  This pushes us to consider our eternal rewards, and to make the decision that we will be faithful to King Jesus, regardless of what He does for us in this life.

2. Haman’s Promotion and Hatred: 3:1-6 The surprise of the story picks up with Haman being honored and promoted by the king.  It is in this exchange and Mordecai’s failure to bow to Haman that sets up the plot of the story of Esther.  It’s in this exchange and Haman’s subsequent hatred of not only Mordecai, but of all Jews that we see the delusion effects and the incredible cost of sin.  We must be reminded of just how heinous our sin is, and just how devastating the effects are on those around us.

3. Haman’s Plot to Destroy the Jews: 3:7-15 Haman’s response to Mordecai is to destroy the entire Jewish population.  It’s not enough to destroy the man who won’t bow, but he decides to kill all Jews as a means of revenge to Mordecai.  It’s here that we are confronted with the disturbing reality of prejudice and hatred that lives within us.

4. What Do We Do With This?: In response to this part of Esther, it requires us to ask some questions of ourselves.  These questions rooted in the story of the text require honest reflection on our part.

Is Obedience a Part of our Life?: In short, am I surrendered to God?  This is not just about rules, but a condition of our heart that is yielded to Jesus.

Are We Living with Eternal Rewards in View?: Mordecai’s loyalty and the absence of an immediate reward is a good reminder that we live for eternity.  Are we living with eternal rewards in view?

Am I Aware of Sin’s Impact in my Life?: As we see the collateral damage of sin unfolding in this story, we must evaluate our own lives and ask if we’re aware of the collateral damage of sin in our own life?

Is There a Pursuit of Humility in my Life?: So much of this account is rooted in the pride of men.  As followers of Jesus, we are to be men and women of humility.  Is this true of us?

Is There any Prejudice in my Heart?: Hatred of one man led towards prejudice of an entire people group.  Is there any prejudice in your heart directed at any group of people?

My hope is that as we look at the story of Esther, we are able to honestly examine our own lives with respect to this story.