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Haggai: From Captivity to Christ

I hope as you are reading this, you find yourself still basking in the afterglow of Christmas. For some, that may entail still enjoying the leftovers from yesterday’s feast. Hopefully for many, that means still enjoying the presence and company of friends and family. I’m sure for some it will mean enjoying the gifts you received from loved ones. But for all of us, I hope it means treasuring, enjoying, reflecting upon and savoring the incredible gift of the incarnation!

This past Sunday, we looked at the book of Haggai. What a surprisingly appropriate book for us to work through right before Christmas. As we saw in Haggai, the people had a misplaced emphasis around their own personal well-being that came at the expense of pursuing the person of God. This led to God’s corrective response and a call to change. In the midst of that change,God promised future glory, blessings to a defiled people and the ultimate treasure: the promise of a Savior for His people!

The book highlighted the futility in attempting to find fulfillment and satisfaction in our personal possessions and within ourselves.This might be a helpful reminder as you play with your new toys. By all means enjoy them; but enjoy them in a way that is rooted in gratitude of God, who has so graciously given you these good gifts. See them for what they are (a gift from a kind God) and see them for what they aren’t (bringing ultimate satisfaction or hope).

As we saw in Haggai, we hope the same would be true for us;that we would invest our lives in the only eternally meaningful investment that exists: the Kingdom of God.

I truly hope and desire that you have had a great Christmas.I hope that you have enjoyed your family, friends, feasting and fun. But I hope that what stands above all of that, is the enjoyment of a Savior.

Merry Christmas!

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