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Jesus Directs: Faith Church On Mission

“Faith Church, ON MISSION”


From Pastor Paul Meldrum:


Ronna and I were so blessed to come and worship with you this past Sunday.  Thank you!


Confession, this edition of From the Desk is late because I got sidetracked.  Yes, some of the items were important, but others were just distractions.  When we let life’s distractions detour us, we are not on mission for that period of time.


Sunday, we heard the mission call in a most familiar passage in Acts 1:1-8.  Jesus’ call to take the Gospel both near and far is a complimentary passage to Jesus’ command to make disciples in Matthew 28.  Don’t you find that Jesus is quite serious about the Gospel and discipleship, not just then but now!


So may I share with you a short reminder of our teaching from Sunday?


It’s not for you to know (6-7):  In verse 6 the disciples ask, “Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?”  Good question, but not the right question.  Jesus tells them that it is not for them to know.  Why? Jesus’ heart is that they have an undistracted focus on the mission that He is about to call them to.  We see Jesus doing two things for them and for us:

His Corrective:  Don’t search for all the answers, but seek first His kingdom and His righteous and all these things will be added unto you (Mt. 6:33).  Jesus wants us to focus on the Father’s will, His heart and His mission.

His Compassion:  Jesus is showing us a great compassion because there are many questions, which if answered prematurely would drive us away from God.  We cannot face life, we cannot accomplish mission without God’s strength and direction, which He does not give until the time is right.

Seek God’s face and know God’s character first, so many of your questions will melt away.


But know that you will receive power (8a): Jesus made it clear, both before His crucifixion (Jn. 16:7) and after His resurrection that He would send His Holy Spirit to lead you into all the truth.  This is the power that each of us requires to live our lives in Christ and for Christ.  Loved ones, I know some of you face the unknown, difficulty, pain, change or sickness.  Cling to the promise of Christ that He has sent the power of His Holy Spirit to you, so that you may live victoriously on mission for Him.  There is no greater peace than to live in His power, even in the most difficult of times and no greater privilege then to use His power to serve those in need.  That is the unstoppable Holy Spirit in our lives.


In receiving power, your mission begins (8b):  We have an uncontainable message that we are called to be witnesses for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Be Christ’s witness!  Take what you have seen and learned from Him and share the depth of your relationship with Him to those around you, both believer and non-believer.  No one, NO ONE can take your testimony from you.  Read Revelation 12:11 and see the power and significance of your testimony of all that Jesus has done for you.


Remember what JD Greear said, “We don’t need a voice, we have a verse.”


Faith Church, you have a verse, you know the mission, let’s live on mission.



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