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Persistent Love: When God’s People Despise Him

It is easy to say one thing, but when our actions and attitudes reveal something different, our words hold little value. When we looked at Malachi 1:6-14, we saw how God rebuked the priests for offering polluted offerings to him. God then pointed out that their polluted offerings were ultimately a form of contempt as the priests despised God’s name. While the priests believed their actions were sufficient, their cheapening of the things of God revealed that they in fact despised God himself. The fact that they despised God was rooted in a lack of honor for God and a lack of fear toward God.

We often do this in our own lives as well.

We show a lack of honor (glory) for God by:

  • Casually speaking of him
  • Being indifferent in our worship of him
  • Placing something else in his place as the object of our highest affection and greatest desire.

We show a lack of fear of God by:

  • Minimizing the reality of sin
  • Discarding the commands of God
  • Accepting the sin of another as okay in the name of love

When we have a lack of honor for God and a lack of fear of him, we ultimately display that we despise him and his commands as we cheapen them in our lives. This will then lead to bringing polluted offerings to God. We do this by:

  • Failing to present our tithes and offerings as a first-fruit of our increase
  • Coming to God in worship while being distracted from him by lesser things
  • Partaking in communion without seeking to repent of our sin and reconcile with him or with others

These are all polluted offerings that we bring to God, all the while withholding the honor, fear, and offerings that are rightfully his. Just as God said in Malachi, “Is that not evil?”

As we allow the Holy Spirit to press in and convict us of where we have been guilty of despising the name of God in our own lives, let us be sure to be sensitive to this leading and faithful in our response. Repent where necessary and seek to honor God, fear God, and make pleasing offerings to God. Jesus made the most pleasing offering of all by paying the penalty for our sins. His sacrifice has freed us to be obedient to the commands of God. Let’s resolve to obey and in so doing, honor God and fear him.

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