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Selections from the Psalms: A Song of Deliverance

From the Desk of Brian LeVie

If the New Testament authors handed out a trophy for “Our Most Popular Psalm in the Old Testament”, it is easy to see why Psalm 110 would win. According to the New Testament, Psalm 110 is ultimately about Jesus. Focusing on just three of the many New Testament references this past Sunday, we learned that Jesus used it to challenge the inadequacy of the Pharisees’ view regarding the true nature of the Christ. At his trial, he used it (and Daniel 7) to proclaim his true identity to his religious opponents, which resulted in his accusers charging him with the crime of blasphemy. Peter made references to it in his sermon at Pentecost, in his argument that Jesus is the Christ prophesied in the Old Testament. There are many more references in the New Testament, but due to the time constraints of a Sunday sermon, we were unable to cover all of them. You might consider running down each New Testament reference to Psalm 110 as a personal or group Bible Study.

When you read Psalm 110 in its original context (i.e., between Psalm 109 – the plea for deliverance, and Psalm 111 – the praise for deliverance), the author’s aim becomes clear. Psalm 110 – God’s plan for deliverance – is intended to give the people of God hope, confidence, and assurance of God’s ultimate victory through Christ. It also reveals that His plan for deliverance includes the destruction of His enemies at the End of the Age. This is why the Gospel is good news to everyone who puts their faith and trust in Him.


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