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Selections from the Psalms: God Remind Me

This past Sunday, we wrapped up our series in the Psalms with Psalm 92. This Psalm is the only Psalm in the book that is referred to as a Sabbath Psalm. It’s meant to remind the people of God of His work and all that He has done. More specifically: As we remind ourselves of God’s person and work it moves us to extol God and flourish in His presence. In this Psalm, we are being reminded of the person and work of God; and it impacts how we think and live.


Make note of three specific ways we see this playing out.


  1. I will thank God for His work: v.1-4

The Psalm begins with an exhortation to thank God. In multiple forms, the Psalmist is pointing God’s people back to the person of God. It’s important to note that our thanksgiving and praise is to be directed toward the Lord, but that it is not conditioned upon our circumstances. This is really important for us to remember. Often, our willingness to thank or praise God is directly correlated to what’s happening in our lives. If things are good, I will happily thank and praise God. If not, that may be another story. Yet here; and keep in mind the point of the Psalm is to remind and reorient people; the Psalmist encourages thanks and praise be attributed to God. It’s universally applicable. Further, we see that we are to declare God’s steadfast love and His faithfulness throughout the day. In the end, the exhortation is moving us to a place that returns our confidence in the person and work of God; and for that, we will thank God!


  1. I will live under God’s rule: v.5-11

In the second section of the Psalm, we see a contrast between two groups of people, specifically the wicked and the righteous. For the wicked, life has an appearance that things are going well. The metaphor is used of sprouting up like grass and flourishing. Yet judgment is what awaits them. For the righteous, what awaits them is the blessing of God. It’s important to note that there is a season that gives the appearance of flourishing for the wicked. But in the end, it’s simply not true. This is truly a picture of gospel. The blessing that comes to the righteous isn’t because of their conduct or behavior, but because of the goodness of God. The beauty of the gospel isn’t that we’re kind of good and God helps us out a little. The beauty of the gospel is that all of us are at odds with God, and in His goodness, He lavishly showers us with His grace. In that, we choose to live under God’s rule!


  1. I will flourish in God’s presence: v.12-15

Finally, we see that the righteous flourish, and specifically in God’s presence. There’s a clear connection between the flourishing of the righteous and their proximity to God. Those that are near to the Lord find themselves flourishing in that place. Loved one, are you living a life that attempts to put yourself in close proximity to God? Are you concerned about pursuing Him and walking with Him? It is there, and only there, that true flourishing will be found.

Let’s be people who are reminded of who God is and what He has done. Let’s allow those reminders to lead us to a place where we extol the person and work of our God. Let’s be people that live in God’s presence and flourish in that place!



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