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Selections from the Psalms: Godly Wisdom

On Sunday, May 20, we had the privilege of seeing 7 people baptized! It was such a great reminder of the ways that God is at work in and around us. We also began our summer sermon series through the Psalms. Over the next 11 weeks, we will work through a selection of Psalms. This past Sunday, we began with Psalm 112 and the idea that Godly wisdom brings blessing to our lives even in times of adversity.


  1. Godly Wisdom Embraces the Blessings of Righteousness: v.1-4

It’s here that we see the blessing of living the way that God calls us to. It begins with us loving the source of godly wisdom; loving God Himself! In verse 1, we see the blessing of righteousness is directly correlated to the one that fears the Lord and delights in His commandments. We must love God and His Word if we’re going to be people who embrace the blessing of righteousness. Truthfully, the blessing of righteousness originates in fearing God and delighting in His Word. That’s followed up by reaping the blessing of godly wisdom. That’s seen in the blessings that come to our family when we live this way. Third, we see the confidence that comes even in adversity through godly wisdom. We can hold on to the fact that light will dispel the darkness for those who fear the Lord.


  1. Godly Wisdom Lives the Blessings of Righteousness: v.5-9

The Psalmist moved from some big picture items to items of daily life. Here we see the attitude and actions of one who is gripped by godly wisdom and they live the blessing of righteousness. We live the blessing of generosity. There’s great blessing in living generously. It’s funny, Jesus had something to say about this, didn’t He? We live the blessing of justice. It’s here that we see the confidence we can have in knowing that we have endeavored to live righteously for the Lord. We live the blessing of steadfastness. It’s here that we can be firm and confident in the person of God.


  1. Godly Wisdom Knows the Wicked Will Meet Their Demise: v.10

There’s a strong contrast that exists between the righteous and the wicked. In short, this final verse gives us confidence that God will in fact deal with the wicked.


These next number of weeks through the Psalms will be a great adventure. You will be immensely blessed by all that God’s Word has to offer us in this book. As I head out for sabbatical, I realize it will likely be awhile before I speak with you again. Please know that I am so thankful and grateful for this Jesus-loving, Gospel-pursuing church. I love getting to share in ministry with you all and that God has put us together. I’m looking forward to the next season that He has for us, and yet I also know that I’m weary and looking forward to a break and the ability to work on some items that are hard to work into the weekly schedule. Know that I will continue to pray for you and the church. I love this church. I love you. I firmly believe this will be a great season of preaching, worship and ministry in my absence and trust at the end of this season, you will feel the same way.


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