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Who Is This? Luke 7:36 – 8:3

From the Desk

The question of Jesus’ identity is one of the most important questions anyone could ever be asked. This question was asked and answered in our passage from Luke 7:36-8:3. In Luke’s narrative, we witnessed how Jesus forgave the sinful woman, exposed the self-righteousness of Simon the Pharisee, challenged the false religious and cultural beliefs that separated “the righteous” from “sinners”, and how Jesus asserted his own deity – an astounding and outrageous claim to make at that time. We recognized how Jesus’ identity as Messiah, and those themes in the passage of repentance, faith, forgiveness, salvation, and peace, foreshadowed the person and finished work of Christ on behalf of all who repent and turn in faith to Him. I hope this message both encouraged and challenged you in ways that only the Lord Himself would know.

In Christ,

Brian LeVie

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