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1 Corinthians: God’s Glory for Other’s Good


This past Sunday, we were back in 1st Corinthians in our series titled, “Messy Church.”  As we opened the Scripture, we reflected on the question: what or whom is the object of our worship?  The reason for opening with this question is that we wanted to move towards the main idea that: we must seek to glorify God alone because He alone is worthy, and others need to know.


  1. Reserving All Glory for God (10:1-22)

In this text, we are reminded that God, and God alone, is worthy of our worship.  The apostle Paul begins the chapter by sharing reminders of the Exodus of the Israelites; on how easily we can fall into idolatry.  We must humbly be aware and be on guard, and not fall into the pride of thinking that we are above falling into sin.  In addressing idolatry (the worship of any false/foreign god), we addressed how our hearts are prone to make idols.  Martin Luther says, “Whatever your heart clings to and relies upon, that is your god.”  All of us must be humble in asking if our own hearts are clinging to relying upon Jesus, or on something else.  We must remember the Lord’s jealousy for us and devote our worship and assign glory to Him alone.


  1. God’s Glory on Display (10:23-11:1)

In the second half of the message, we considered from the text the implications of glorifying God for the good of our neighbors.  Multiple times in this section, Paul references the necessity to place the needs of others above our own, within the context of glorifying God.  This is true in our Christian freedoms and liberties.  As a framework in gray areas, we ought to ask: (1) what will glorify God the most and (2) what will be best for my neighbor?  Our goal in all the things that we do should be to glorify God and give no unnecessary offense to others (v. 31-32).


We must in all things seek to glorify God because He alone is worthy, and others need to know!


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