Why Discipleship

A follower of Jesus Christ is a disciple. We are all about Jesus and want to know him better, love him deeper, and follow him fully. The place this must all start is discipleship.

What are discipleship groups?

Discipleship Groups are the primary place where people are known and cared for at Faith Church. We place an emphasis on Discipleship Groups because of the clear value that Jesus placed on community and because of the model of the early church.

Our aim in provided a wide variety of Discipleship Groups that meet at various times, locations and cover various topics is to ensure that everyone who attends Faith Church regularly will have a place to connect, be cared for, and grow together with other believers. The second part of our church mission statement is “to help us all grow as His disciples”. Though there are other places where this happens (during the Sunday morning service, in prayer meetings, etc.) we feel Discipleship Groups provide a unique context for this growth to happen consistently.

How can I get involved in a Discipleship Group?

1. We know that a personal invitation to a group is the most effective way to have people join. So, we encourage our leaders to continually meet people and invite them to their groups.

2. A second way of getting connected is to sign up online, by filling out the forms below. After you sign up, the leader of the group will contact you to let you know that you are included and provide you with any additional information you may need before attending the group.

3. Finally, if you have questions or you would like suggestions on groups that might be a good fit for you, contact Church Office or call the office at 891-0393.

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