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Encountering Jesus: Provision and Division

We all know what it is to be thirsty. We have all been in that place where our mouth is dry; we are parched and longing for water. In John 7, Jesus speaks to the ways that He is God’s provision of living water for us. It’s here that we see that God gives Jesus as our provision to quench our spiritual thirst.

1. A Private Suspicion of Jesus: v.1-13

The account begins with a number of groups expressing various levels of hostility toward Jesus. The Jews want to kill Him; and His own brothers don’t even believe in Him. In response to this, Jesus demonstrates that He is our provision of testimony. For our good, Jesus calls out our sin. He testifies to the fact that we’re fallen sinners who have rejected God’s commands. Let’s be honest, no one likes to be told that we’re wrong. But it’s the people that love of us the most that are willing to put themselves out there like this for us. This is what Jesus does for us. He loves us enough to be our provision of testimony.

2. A Public Division Over Jesus: v.14-36

In the middle of the feast, Jesus comes to the temple and begins to teach. The people marvel at Jesus’ teaching. Jesus is the provision of teaching that we need. Make note of the various ways that Jesus is our provision of teaching. In v.16, we see Jesus’ teaching is from God. Jesus is teaching under the authority of God. We too are to find ourselves under the authority of God. In v. 17-18, we see that the motivation for Jesus’ teaching is for God’s glory. In v.19, we see that Jesus teaches to reveal our hypocrisy. This is a confrontive response to their praise of His teaching. They are relishing His teaching while simultaneously pursuing sin in their hearts. We can do this same thing, when we devour all kinds of biblical content, but remain unchanged.

In response to this, the people are deeply divided over Jesus. Some wonder if He could be the Christ. Others want to arrest Him and others still believe in Him.

3. A Proclamation of Provision From Jesus: v.37-52

Then on the final day of the feast, Jesus stands and makes a bold declaration. In what many believe is the climactic moment of the feast, Jesus stands and proclaims that He is God’s provision for their spiritual thirst. Jesus mentions a Scripture, and it’s possible there are multiple passages that Jesus has in mind. He may be referring to Isaiah 12:3, and telling us that He is our well of salvation. He may be referring to Isaiah 44:3, and telling us that He gives the Spirit as Our Living Water. He may be referring to Ezekiel 47 and telling us that He is the living water that brings healing and restoration. It’s a remarkable moment where Jesus is telling the people, I am the provision and provider for your need!

In response to this, we posed a few questions to help us think through this.

1. Will you allow Jesus to quench the thirst of your soul?

2. Will you allow Jesus to be God’s provision for your life?

3. Will you hear Jesus’ testimony to the sin in your life, and respond with repentance?

4. Will you allow Jesus to teach you?

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