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Encountering Jesus: The Bread of Life

We’ve all experienced it at some point: hunger. Just thinking about it may cause your stomach to rumble or cause you to realize it’s been longer than you’d like since you last ate anything. Whether it’s true of you now or just recalling the last time it happened, when you’re hungry what you want is food that will satisfy and satiate your hunger. In John 6, Jesus makes clear that he is the only true source of satisfaction when it comes to our hunger. It’s here that we see that Jesus is the source, substance and sustenance of our life.

John records two miracles of Jesus and then the subsequent dialogue with the Jews. The miracles are meant to frame and give insight for the discourse.

  1. A Miraculous Provision: v.1-14
    In this first scene, Jesus and the disciples are on the mountain, and a huge crowd is coming to Jesus because of His healing power. We see that Jesus has a plan to provide. His plan to provide is not only physical, but also spiritual. In referring to Passover, it would seem that John is winking toward Jesus as the form of deliverance for the people. This is only amplified as Jesus multiplies the loaves and the fish and feeds everyone present. This miraculous provision sets the stage for Jesus to point to Himself as the ultimate provision that we all need. But we must ask ourselves, do I believe that Jesus is enough? Do I believe that Jesus alone satisfies?
  2. A Miraculous Revelation: v.15-21
    On the heels of Jesus’ provision, Jesus slips away and the disciples begin to head across the sea. While out on the sea, the disciples encounter a storm. In the midst of the storm, Jesus walks up to them. Here Jesus is revealing Himself to the disciples. While His statement, ‘it is I,’ may be a common expression announcing Himself, it is also translated as “I AM,” the very name of God. There’s nothing at this moment that is common. Jesus, like the Spirit of God in Genesis 1, “hovers” over the waters. He is standing where only God can stand and is declaring what only God can declare.
  3. A Confrontive Teaching: v.22-71
    After these two miracles, Jesus then enters into a prolonged discourse with the crowd. This dialogue is confronting a number of things in the crowd. We see that Jesus exposes how they are attempting to create a Savior in their own image. Jesus counters that by firmly stating that He is the Bread of Life and that we are to partake of Him. Finally, we see that Jesus has the words of eternal life. In all of this, what Jesus is reinforcing is that He, and He alone is the one that satisfies and satiates our longings and desires. Any attempt to fill those with anyone or anything else will leave us empty and hungry. Loved one, will you ask Jesus to satisfy and satiate your every longing and desire? Will you let Jesus be enough? Further, are you pursuing Jesus for Jesus, or are you pursuing Him for what He gives? Oh, that we would realize that Jesus is not only enough; but that He’s more than enough and the only one who satisfies and satiates the longings within us.

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