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Encountering Jesus: The Drama of Deity

It was a blessing to be able to worship and study God’s Word with you all this past Sunday.  As we continued through the book of John, this week we found ourselves in John 5.  As we studied such an important passage, my prayer is that we clearly saw that: Jesus is the sovereign God and promised Savior.

  1. A Miraculous Controversy (John 5:1-16)

In this first section, we see an absolutely incredible miracle where Jesus heals an invalid whom had been suffering in his condition for 38 years.  The shock or surprise is that this causes a great controversy.  As we read, this shocks us; but Jesus knew exactly what He was doing.  The Jewish leaders were furious because Jesus had instructed this man to pick up his bed and walk on the Sabbath.  The reason this upset them, is because it was against their rabbinical laws to do so.  Jesus intentionally uses this miracle to highlight their legalism, and will use the controversy as an opportunity to proclaim His deity.  Our application to this section was that we ought to be more Biblical, and must not fall into legalism by adding on requirements that Scripture does not command.  God’s Word is sufficient all on its own, and we must be careful not to let our preferences/prejudices add on extra Biblical requirements.

  • A Firm Defense of His Deity (John 5:17-47)

In this second section, we see Jesus respond to the outraged Jewish leaders by giving a marvelous defense of Himself.  In this response Jesus defends His Deity, declares His unity and submission to the Father, and that the Father has given Him judgement.  In this section, Jesus not only says he has been given judgement, but that belief in Him is the only hope of escaping judgement (v.24).  This section closes with Jesus validating His claims by appealing to the verification of the witnesses of John the Baptist, His miracles, The Father, and the Word (particularly Moses).  In applying this long and magnificent response by Christ, we reflected that as Christians we must: (1) Marvel and rejoice in the Gospel, (2) Search and submit to Christ in His Scriptures, and (3) Become a witness to this magnificent Gospel (Ask yourself, who needs to know?).

I hope we can all worship, in that fact that Jesus is the sovereign God and promised Savior; that this would give us hope and purpose as we seek to live for and rest in Him.

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