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Encountering Jesus: The Revealing of the Word

This past Sunday, we began our sermon series in the book of John. John’s purpose in writing the gospel is to lead the reader to a place of belief in Jesus that brings life. In the prologue we see that: The Word is the person of God making known the gospel of God to the people of God.

1. The Nature of the Word: v.1-5

John begins his gospel in the same fashion that the book of Genesis opens, with the phrase, “in the beginning.” It’s clear that John is alluding to creation and helping us to see the new creation that will come in and through Jesus. But in these first few verses, there’s a host of rich theological truths on display. John uses the image of the Word, but it’s in clear reference to Jesus. Here we see that Jesus is eternal. Before the world ever was, Jesus is. We see that Jesus is God. Distinct from the Father, yet equal and one with the Father. Third, we see that Jesus is preeminent over creation. Jesus is over all creation! Finally, we see that Jesus is the origin and giver of life. The nature of the Word should leave us in awe of Christ’s character, as well as in awe of His deliberate and intentional movement toward us.

2. A Witness of the Word: v.6-8

We are then introduced to John the Baptist. He had a divine commission from God to bear witness to Jesus. We see in John a similar commission for ourselves. We are to bear witness that leads to belief. The whole of John’s life was wrapped up in the totality of another: Jesus. The same is true for us. Further, we see that John bore witness that leads to light. Much like signs on the roadside, we direct people toward the destination, which in this instance is Jesus.

3. The Manifestation of the Word: v.9-14

We then see that Jesus chooses to manifest Himself to the world. Jesus coming into the world should be stunning and shocking to us. The all-powerful, sovereign God of all things, chooses to be immanent (close, near or accessible). But even as He comes into the world, he is rejected by the world. The very creation that belonged to Christ, chooses to reject Him and instead receive another. This captures our dilemma as well. We too have rejected the Creator in some way or form, and need God to rescue us. Quite stunningly, that’s exactly what we see next. Jesus offers sonship or daughtership to those that believe in His name. Instead of responding with wrath or condemnation that would be much deserved, Jesus still offers the gift of sonship. Finally, John concludes this section by describing the incarnation of Jesus. This is the good news of the gospel that we hope in! The incarnation of Jesus was meant to rectify our sin and secure salvation for us!

4. The Uniqueness of the Son: v.15-18

Finally, we see the uniqueness of the Son. From His superiority to John to His giving of grace to us and His position of the Father, we see the unique nature and character of Jesus. This prologue has set the stage for the reader to fully behold the fullness and incredible nature and work of Christ.

My encouragement for you this week is that as you consider the host of rich truths from John 1, is that you would read this passage every day this week. Read it and reflect upon the greatness and grandeur of God. Read it and revel in the person of Jesus. Read it and worship our great God!

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