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IN SEARCH OF A KING: Singing God’s Praises

If you ever been so excited or overcome with joy that you burst into celebration, then you can relate with Hannah in 1 Samuel 2 as she sings a song of praise to God. What we see in this celebration from Hannah is that: Our hope and joy are fixed in the person of God above the gifts of God.

1. We Exalt in the God of Our Salvation: v.1

Hannah begins this song or prayer by exalting God. It’s intriguing to note that her focus isn’t on the works of God or the provision of God, but instead on the person of God. God is her source of joy. Her source of joy is found not in her circumstance but instead in her Savior.  God is her ultimate treasure, not her son. We too should be asking ourselves what is our source of joy. Additionally, Hannah references God is her source of strength. The once ostracized and outcast woman can now hold her head high because God has removed her disgrace. What a word for us as well.  We too have had the disgrace of sin removed from us by the reconciling work of Jesus. Third, God is our source of salvation. In the same way that God delivered Hannah, He delivers us. It is clear that God is the object of Hannah’s delight, joy and satisfaction. Is God the object of your delight, joy and satisfaction?

2. We Recognize the Uniqueness of God: v.2-8

In these verses, we see a handful of ways that God is unique from all others. First, we see that there is none like God in verse 2. There is no other who is holy, who is comparable or who is the rock that God is. Second, we see that God is the God of knowledge. Hannah is referencing God’s knowledge in His timing. This is a great reminder for us that as we wait for God to move, act, restrain or break through in a situation, we can trust His perfect timing as He knows perfectly the timing that is right. We don’t have to have perfect knowledge, we need to follow and trust the one who does. In verses 4-8, we see that God reverses our fortunes. There is a series of reversals that unfold in these verses that are meant to highlight how God reverses our fortunes. These reversals that change our personal lot, move us from death to life or from poverty to prominence all highlight the incredible work that God accomplishes on our behalf. Are you able to see the reversals of God in your life? 

3. We Praise the Anointed One of God: v.9-10

Hannah’s song concludes by us praising the Anointed One of God. We see that part of our praise is tied to God guarding those who are His. What a comforting and confidence building reality. God is guarding those that belong to Him! This does not mean that no difficulty or hardship will ever come our way, but it does mean that God is guarding His people. As God guards His, we must also be aware that God judges the wicked. There will be a day of judgment for those that oppose God. But what is stunning and shocking about this song is what Hannah concludes with. She speaks of God exalting His King. What should surprise us in this is that there is no king. Much of Hannah’s song is quite prophetic for how the book will play out, and these final lines are no exception. Much of the book seeks to answer who is the Lord’s anointed king? It will initially point to David, but even David will point to a greater and better King, the True King, King Jesus. This song of Hannah’s is picked up by Mary in Luke 1. Even in this, Hannah is helping us to see not only what God will do with David, but how we are pointed toward Jesus.

My prayer for you this week is that irrespective of what you have going on in your life, that you would be singing God’s praises.