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Micah: The Conquering King

These are crazy times we are living in, aren’t they?  There is civil unrest, moral degradation, political strife, grave injustices, not to mention the fact that we are currently in a global pandemic.  At times it can feel a bit as if we are losing, or to put it even worse, as if God himself is losing.  But in times like this, we must hold fast to the promises of God’s Word and root our hope in them.  In Micah 5, we are reassured that, our Shepherd will conquer His enemies and purify His people.

The Hope of the Shepherd v. 1-6

In the first six verses of Micah 5, we see this incredible hope of a promised Shepherd.  The first verse opens by highlighting the insufficiency of the current king.  Then in verses 2-5a, we have the promise of a future Shepherd who would come from Bethlehem.  This Man is promised to Shepherd his flock in the strength and majesty of the Lord, and ultimately He will be His people’s peace.  We know from Matthew 2:6 that this is a reference to Christ and thus should be encouraged and strengthened by God’s answered promise.  Then at the end of verse 5 and 6, we see the promise of under shepherds who would help shepherd the flock of God under the ultimate Shepherd Jesus.

The Reign of the Shepherd v. 7-15

Following the prophetic words on the coming of Christ, it then moves into how Jesus will reign over His people.  In verses 7-9, we see the dominion of the sheep.  One of the interesting aspects of this is how it foreshadows the spreading of God’s people throughout the world.  Referred to here as the remnant of Jacob, we see the church conquering God’s enemies and taking dominion.  In some respects this has been realized in the church now, and in others this will not be in its fulness until Jesus returns.  Yet, we should have an unwavering hope that God will destroy His enemies and vindicate His people.  Then in verses 10-15, we see how God will purify His people by destroying all their idols and strongholds.  God wants our worship alone, and graciously removes all obstacles and He sanctifies His people.

My prayer is that in this crazy season we will keep our eyes fixed on the promises of God; and that, as verse five says, He will be our peace.  Our Shepherd will conquer His enemies and purify His people.