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Selections from the Psalms: Who Is Really Forsaken?

From the Desk of Eric Anderson                                Psalm 22 – Who is really forsaken?

David’s lament of Psalm 22 captures many specific details about the future crucifixion of Jesus Christ, while at the same time capturing David’s deep, emotional laments as he ultimately trusts in God for his deliverance. The emotional poem of lament and sorrow also documents specific prophetic events to be fulfilled by Jesus Christ on the cross. This principle is captured in the following key thought:

David’s prayer about his own afflictions contains the prophetic description of God’s solution – his deliverance will be found in those very afflictions, laid upon Jesus Christ.


This critical truth is further clarified in the over-arching theme from this past Sunday:

Jesus Christ has conquered all our enemies, including sin, suffering, and death, by becoming sin, and suffering and dying in our place.

Without the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, we would have nowhere to go with our laments, our suffering, our sorrows, and our complaints about life. But through trusting in the atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross and His marvelous resurrection, we can travel down the path that David walked as he dealt with his own suffering:

  1. Honest Lament (1-9) Facing God and expressing our hearts to Him is healthy and natural.
  2. Prayer (9-21) We ought to pray for deliverance from the sorrows and the suffering of our lives.
  3. Praise (22-29) God is working all things to His glory; may we praise him even in suffering.
  4. Proclamation (30-31) We are called to proclaim His goodness, now and in the hope of eternity.

Should we not be delivered from our suffering during our time on earth, we have the glorious promise of eternity with God, free from sorrow, suffering, sin, and death, as described in Revelation 21. In that day, we will see the final proclamation of completion first voiced by David (He has done it), echoed by Jesus on the cross (it is finished), and finally fulfilled in Revelation (IT IS DONE!).

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