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  • The Church Maturing: Focused Mission

    Reflecting back to this past Sunday, two questions kept swirling around in my head. What’s our mission? Am I accomplishing it? Now you can’t even begin to answer the second question unless there is clarity to the first one.  As believers, our mission is bring glory to Jesus.  There’s a myriad

  • The Church Maturing: A Maturing Church

    Recently Becky and I came across some older photos and videos of our kids.  We laughed and reminisced about their younger years.  We laughed at their very simple speech, chubby cheeks, and their waddling around in diapers.  It was cute then, but it would be disturbing and creepy if it

  • The Church Advancing: A Mind for the Gospel

    I’m sure this will shock you (it’s hard to rightly express thick sarcasm in print), but I spent a significant amount of my childhood speaking without thinking.  There was one time in 6th grade where I had said something obnoxious to one of my teachers, and she told me, “Get a