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  • The Church Advancing: A Heart for the Gospel

    “What do you have a heart for?” That’s a phrase that can get thrown around quite a bit.  You might have a heart for music, sports, nutrition, gardening, traveling or any number of other things.  But as followers of Jesus, do we have a heart for the gospel? This past Sunday in

  • The Church Advancing: The Simplicity of Salvation

    I admit, sometimes the gospel can seem ordinary.  I don’t want it to, but when you hear about something all the time, even something as great as the gospel, one can become inoculated to the power and poignancy of it.  That being said, when we see it rightly, the gospel

  • The Church Advancing: A Pattern of Ministry

    This past weekend as we looked at Acts 13-14, Paul’s first missionary journey, we saw a pattern of ministry emerge.  This pattern is both helpful for us as we consider all that is going on in our lives, but it also reminds us of the challenges we face as we